About Us

Distilled Butter

The new group "Distilled Butter" hit the scene in August of 2014.  In the short time they have been together they have played in many venues.  Their on-stage presents is electric and demands attention.  Their music menu of Old school R&B and Contemporary Jazz sizzles with energy.  The connection between band members is apparent as they play.  The sounds they make blend together like hot pie and ice-cream and you know as soon as they start to play that you're in for a treat!

Bosé Ajaka not only sings like a nightingale she brings swag, showmanship and attitude with her to the stage.  Not only will she rock you with songs like Ain't Nobody, Golden, and Got to be real, she will slow it down with Caught Up In The Rapture and Rihanna's Diamonds.  Bosé is a perfect complement to this band as she adds a fourth voice to their already solid back-ground vocals.  Her Jazz and classical training allow her to excel in any venue and her vocal control is captivating.  She is truly a delight.

Their newest addition, singer Celina Fields sings from her soul.  She gives God the credit for her incredible phrasing and anticipation.  She makes songs like Can we talk, The Way and Boo’d up sound better than the original artists can.  Mariah Carey has nothing on her.  And when it’s time to dance songs like Ring my Bell, Forget Me Nots and Show Me Love will have you moving and grooving. 

Now your show is complete.  You’er satisfied and you think you've heard it all until this guy (Richard Brown) with a flute steps to the mic.   The array of notes he produces will captivate you all over again.  From Spain to Another Star Richard's delightful sound dances across the stage and into your heart.  His no hold back approach to soloing is guaranteed to take you on a natural high.  

These three artists have truly been blessed. They're a must see and once you've seen them, you'll be back again and again. Distilled butter, your band for 2021.